Becky Stevens

It is never easy to say goodbye to a long-term employee, but I announce to you that Becky Stevens will be retiring in two weeks. She and her husband made the decision to sell their home in Terre du Lac and move to the Fulton area where they will be close to some of their grandchildren.

Becky has been an important part of the MCII family for nearly 20 years. She began as a secretary, then moved to production as a supervisor, and then to her current position of production manager. We appreciate her hard work and dedication throughout the years.

Please join us in sending well wishes as Becky begins, what we hope to be, the most enjoyable years of her life.

Dave Gray

MCII is pleased to announce that Dave Gray has been promoted to Assistant Manager.

Dave first began working for MCII in 1992 and it was after his 2018 retirement as an Industrial Arts teacher that he returned on a permanent basis. Throughout his years with MCII he has worked in a variety of areas and it was his strong leadership skills that led to his promotion.

In his new role as Assistant Manager, Dave is in charge of all aspects of sales, pricing, bidding work and overseeing quality control of your product. So if you have a new project in mind, please be sure to give him a call.

Please join us in welcoming Dave to his new position!

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By contracting your work to MCII, you will not only receive quality work in a timely manner, but you will also realize a higher profit margin over hiring additional employees or using a temporary service.


Public and/or Private Donations

MCII is a 501(c)3 nonprofit business, which makes your cash donations tax deductible.

Your contribution will help support our mission of providing dignified and meaningful employment to people with disabilities.

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Quality & Service

“MCII is a strong partner in providing quality parts, assembly, and turnaround for our critical product lines. MCII provides a cost effective solution and works closely with us to ensure our needs are met each time and every time.”

Andy Boyer, President | BTI

“Our company has been utilizing the services of MO Community Improvement Industries, Inc. for many years. They store and assemble our boxes for shipping of our produce. MCII’s commitment to excellence has allowed our company to become a much more productive and efficient operation. Their quality and quick turnaround allows us to better serve our customers.

Not only does MCII provide our company with a much-needed service, we have a special relationship with all of the workers and are proud to have them as a part of the Proffer Wholesale Produce, Inc. family.”

Robert Proffer, CEO

“The work ethic and pride of the employees at MCII is evident when our product is returned exactly as requested.”

Cynthia Boyer, Resort Assistant. | Piramal Glass USA, Inc.

“We have worked with MCII for over 20 years. During this time they have completed many projects for us including carton set-up, display assembly and order fulfillment. The staff at MCII has always been very professional and work hard to make sure they complete our projects on time with no errors. We’ve always been pleased with the results and look forward to continuing our working relationship with Ginger and her team.”

Walt Bruns, President | Innovative Warehousing & Dist., Inc

“At MOCAP we think it’s important to realize that there are people within our community that have disabilities who want and need a chance to be able to go to work and contribute.  We have had the pleasure of finding hundreds of meaningful jobs for the workforce of MCII since 1996.

We would definitely recommend MCII to any business that needs any inspecting, packaging or assembly done.  To be able to employ challenged individuals through MCII is a great thing and they have been a positive asset to our company.”

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